Ham Radio

Building the Ham Shack Desk and Work Area


I’ve recently moved my Ham Radio gear into one of our unused bedroom in the house. The room will dub as my Ham Shack and my work office since I often work from home.

My first task was add a desk. I choose to build my own instead of reuse my old desk which was too small for my computer setup and ham radio gear.

Here are a few photos of the desk build in progress. I used 2×4’s, and a single sheet of 3/4″ birch plywood which was finished with linseed oil. I think it came out pretty nice.

Updates and Questions from readers

  • How deep did you make the desk?
    • I made the desk 24″ deep. The reason is that I wanted to use 1 sheet of plywood and cut it in half. It’s a good size and similar to any desk you may buy BUT, it would be nice if it were a little deeper.
  • Do the supports go to edge of the desktop or does the top hang over a bit?
    • The supports are around 4″ from the edge of the desktop so the top does hang over a bit.
  • Do you hit your knees on the supports?
    • I do not hit my knees on the supports. That is the beauty of this design along with no vertical legs to get in the way either.
  • Is the linseed oil finish durable?
    • I’d say the linseed finish is more to make the wood look a little better than non-finished but I’m sure it protects from spills, which I’ve not spilled anything on the desk… yet 🙂  The top will still scratch and get dented if you’re not carefull. I love the finish the way that it is but remember that I used the birch top plywood so with a little sanding the top it pretty smooth and the birch looks great!
  • The wood you used for the supports look nicer than standard 2x4s.  Did you use something special?
    • I used regular 2×4’s and tried to find ones that were in the best condition (straight, square edges and minimal knots).

RV Travel

Seacrest Wolf Preserve – Chipley Florida

Video slideshow of our trip to Seacrest Wolf Preserve in 2013. This was during their annual Howl-o-Ween festival weekend. Forrest “the kissing wolf” can be seen in a few of the slides. We also had the opportunity to see Mo during this trip. We spent many hours sitting outside his area talking and howling with him.

If you ever want the experience of a lifetime, take a trip to Seacrest for the weekend and go on the tour. Added bonus if you camp there overnight and get to experience the wolves howling at night.

Ham Radio

Ham Radio – Getting Licensed

Getting licensed and becoming a Ham Radio operator is a great experience and hobby. The process is pretty simple and there are web site like Ham Test Online that can get you up to speed and prepped for the license exams.

There are 3 levels of licensing required to becoming a Ham Radio operator. Starting with the lowest level and most basic is the Technician. This license grants you the privileges of operating on the VHF, UHF and very few HF radio frequencies.

The next level is General. With this license you can operate on almost all of the Ham Radio frequencies.

The highest level for Ham Radio license is Extra. This license class allows operation on all amateur radio frequencies.

Use the following link to start your online exam courses.
HamTestOnline - online courses for the ham radio exams